Quality of food certified for Pethane PurResult M

Mouldings and semi-finished products made of polyurethane have become indispensable in production for the food industry. As a specialist in this material, we are a flexible and competent supplier to industry. The requirements for food quality are extremely high, meticulously adhered to and consistently monitored. We have been certified again to document this compliance. An accredited institute attested that the material Pethane PurResult M in the Shore hardness range 70 to 95 and in the colours red, yellow, white and uncoloured fulfils the decree (EU) No. 10/​2011 from the Commission on 14 January 2011 including all amendment regulations until EU 1416/​2016 from 24 August on materials and objects made of plastic, which are intended for contact with foodstuffs.

This certificate once again proves our high demands on our products and our efficiency in a complex market segment.