About PTW


With our principle of ‘quality at all levels’, we hold ourselves to high standards. We believe this leads to greater customer satisfaction, sustainability throughout the company, and respectful social interactions at all levels of our relationships.



When values and principles are credibly implemented and exemplified, an attitude can emerge that unites. That is our goal. We aim to involve everyone and make our quality and environmental guidelines a living practice. Open and cooperative communication is the basis for achieving this goal.
We keep an eye on our goals and guidelines, moving with the times while retaining what has been tried and tested. Through constant reflection and training, we strive for transparency, understanding, and insight at all levels.



We always treat other people as equals – with respect and appreciation.

When it comes to our clients, we are committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction. We combine this with high product quality and innovation, service-oriented advice and reliable adherence to deadlines.

Our employees take responsibility for their work, and everyone is part of a larger unit in their own place. We trust each other and organize ourselves according to the principle of the internal customer-supplier relationship. The internal customer is next in the process, and their satisfaction is the benchmark.

As management, we take our social responsibility seriously. We value our team’s commitment to the company and support their desire for professional development by offering fair pay and attractive benefits.

It is our responsibility to promote quality and environmental awareness. Therefore, we prioritize further training and information to maintain a high level of qualification.

Additionally, health and safety are top priorities at PTW. To achieve this goal, we have created detailed guidelines for occupational health and safety that we consistently implement.



The quality of our products is subject to a continuous process. Materials, processes and procedures are regularly reviewed and every potential for improvement is exploited.

When selecting our suppliers, we make sure that their products also meet our high quality standards. On this basis, we maintain fair business relationships.

Due to our broad product range, we have to adapt to the most diverse requirements of many industries. With consistent planning, we ensure reliable production and delivery. Adherence to deadlines is one of our business principles.

We conduct research and development in-house to ensure the highest quality and innovative developments. Our developments are specifically tailored to customer and market requirements.

PTW recipes and products are also legally protected in the interest of our customers. In this way, we ensure good market orientation and provide reliable quality that is accepted and recognized in our business segment.



We are committed to sustainability and review the environmental aspects of our procedures and processes at all levels.

When selecting suppliers, we look for sustainability and give preference to regional partners so as not to increase CO2 emissions. The environmental performance of suppliers’ products and the recyclability of packaging are key decision criteria for our purchasing department.
To reduce our footprint, we always check the availability of mass-balanced products throughout the value chain.

Production waste is processed for a second use, so that the majority of our production surpluses or discarded products enter a new “life cycle”. In this way, we practically create a closed-loop ecological system.

For sensible and environmentally friendly mobility, we offer our employees the option of leasing company bicycles and have already replaced the first vehicles in our fleet with “electric vehicles” in order to fulfill our self-imposed responsibility.


Ralf Hünecke
Managing Director
T. +49 (0) 5444 9890-0 info@ptw-pur.eu