Resilient, flexible, durable

What gives hot-cast elastomers made of polyurethane (PUR) such a unique properties profile and such versatile application possibilities?

The term polyurethane refers to a family of plastics formed by polyaddition. Unlike polymerisation, no by-products are shed, and the components used react fully with each other. The result is polyurethane, with its wide range of properties.

Compact PUR elastomers are characterised by excellent abrasion properties that can be controlled in a targeted manner. This is one of its advantages over rubber. Polyurethanes also have an excellent elastic recovery profile, i.e. they can be reversibly deformed within certain limits and largely recover their initial shape after the load is taken off. High ductility and elasticity within a wide range of hardness are further characteristic properties.

PUR is also the concept solution for many industrial problems thanks to its large temperature application range from -40°C up to +70/80° C (including +110°C for short periods).

PUR elastomers thus offer diverse application possibilities in industrial applications. Wherever high stability is required, PUR elastomers are the first choice.


Our proprietary

  • PUR Sustain
  • PUR Perform
  • PUR Result
  • PUR Antistat


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