Sheets and blanks

Dimensions cast in plastic

The standard dimensions of our polyurethane sheets are 2000 x 1000 mm as well as 3000 x 1000 mm at the height you require.
We also produce special dimensions up to a length of 5500 mm in various formulations, colours and heights.

We produce sheets from 55 Shore A up to 97 Shore A (also available in Shore D grades on request).

In a special production line, we produce sheet dimensions of 5000 x 2500 mm from a single mould. This makes it possible to provide seamless surfaces in this format.


Standard production dimensions
for sheet products

Lengths up to 5500 mm:
Width up to 1000 mm – can be split into various thicknesses

Roll products
Blanks can be welded into roll products


Centrifuged sheet products

We can produce popular centrifugal products by sheet centrifugation. These are marked by particularly good homogeneity. Standard dimensions are 2000 x 1000 mm and 3000 x 1000 mm in any colour.


Semi-finished products by In-house formulators

Our various, in-house formulations offer diverse characteristics along with their broad operating temperature range and their extreme stability:

  • Anti-static
  • Approved food contact materials (EU 10/2011 and FDA certified)
  • Flexible at low temperatures
  • Non-stick surface
  • Microbe-resistant
  • Reduced friction
  • Resistant to hydrolysis
  • Wear-resistant

Perforated plates, meshes, expanded metal and steel plates can be coated in almost any hardness and compositions.
All sizes and levels of quality can be split and cut with water-jets on our premises.


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