Production processes

Professionally controlled and monitored

We produce hot-cast elastomers, whose dimensions and properties cover nearly 99% of all requirements demanded by the market.

We also offer the right formulations for applications in the food sector. A certificate from the Fraunhofer Society is available for customers who require the high-quality FDA standard and, in general, for the American economic area.

Moulded parts up to a total length of 6m can be realised in general. We manufacture articles from as little as a few grams to special parts weighing several tonnes. There is no upper limit to the possible weight scale. We produce and supply sheet products in lengths up to 5500 mm and widths up to 2500 mm without any extra charges for these standard dimensions and all intermediate dimensions. From development to mould making through to the final product, we take care of the entire project planning.

Hot-cast elastomers have a mechanical property profile that is generally superior to elastomers produced with cold-setting systems. This boost in performance demands transparent workflows and production processes.

Our entire production is interconnected by control software specially developed for PTW, which ensures that the formulation dosages are provided to our production staff in an automated manner and with a precision of up to 0.1 g. The internal production and manufacturing orders contain all relevant product data, from the mould design up to the test instructions. Quality assurance measures accompany the product throughout the entire production line.

A CAD-controlled water-jet cutting machine forms the focal point of our subsequent machining/work steps department. With an operating pressure of up to 4500 bar, any material can be cut into sizes ranging from 6 x 3 m to a thickness of 50 mm.

Drawings in DXF format can be imported and loaded directly from production management, so eliminating the need for conversion work.


Ali-Jakob Döpke
Head of R&D and QM
T. +49 (0) 5444 9890-64

Ralf Hünecke
Managing Director
T. +49 (0) 5444 9890-0